23 April 2014


I've been wanting to get some updated photos of myself for the blog for a while. My old profile photo was a selfie taken on instagram. It was neither recent nor particularly good, but I hadn't managed to get a decent photo so the selfie stayed.

My sister Laura is into photography in a big way. More so even than me. Recently she has turned her hobby into a job, and now she runs a small photography business in the mountains.

Over the weekend Laura and her family came for a visit. She and I spent a lot of time tweaking blogs (you can have a look at her new blog here), and of course, taking and editing photos. On Saturday morning we wandered down to the creek behind the farm house and took some photos of each other. I even straightened my hair! She now has some photos for her business (taken by me), and I have some more recent photos of me for my blog (taken by Laura).

It felt funny to be on the other side of the camera. Normally I am the one telling others how to stand. No doubt Laura felt much the same. Fortunately we both had our cameras to play with as props.

I really do wish she and her family would move closer to the farm (hint hint). We always have so much fun together.

You can check out Laura's website Laura Blue Photography, and her blog Little Blue Gumboots. Tell her 'hi' from me.

What do you think of the photos??

22 April 2014


Well that was Easter, and it was lovely. A new chook shed was (almost) put up. Chairs were painted. Photos were taken. Kids ran free. Motorbikes were ridden in the late afternoons, and in the case of my sister and myself, more photos were taken.

The fire was going, and the morning and late afternoon air was chilly. Just right for wearing coats and beanies.

Eggs were hunted (and devoured). Cubbies were made. Hot cross buns made an appearance or two. About a million biscuits and bits of fruit were doled out to ravenous children.

In the evenings, my sister and I helped each other out with photography and blog design bits and pieces. I can't wait to show you all what we have been up to a little later this week!

A weekend spent with some of our favourite people. Life doesn't get much better does it?


What did you get up to over the Easter weekend?

19 April 2014

A Good Friday

Is there anything better than a long weekend spent with family? Nothing comes to mind. The cousins arrived late on Thursday night, so Friday was straight into playing in the sunshine. Other than doling out food at regular intervals, we barely saw the children all day.

Country Boy and BIL spent the day building a new chook shed. It is the first step in extending our garden, and with the old one gone, it is already looking better. Of course no building or yard work would be complete with out the assistance of the tractor, which also entertained my little nephews.

My sister and I used some more of my chalk paint, and started painting an old chair for her. I still love that colour. We may or may not have taken our cameras for a walk too...

18 April 2014

What We Believe

On Facebook this morning, some one had written "why is Good Friday 'Good'?" If you're like me, the lead up to Easter has been exciting. I mean a long weekend, and hot cross buns, and chocolate! We have family down for the weekend, so what isn't good about that???

Last night we met with our home church for an early Easter service, and I was trying to explain to Meg about what Easter means to us. She understands about Christmas. A little baby who is born to be a king, is something she gets. It's harder to explain how that little baby grew up to be a man who was killed because he was God's son.

Yet for us as Christians, this is at the core of what we believe. I found this video (love YouTube!), which explains simply why Easter is so important to Christians.

On Sunday, you can bet we will be having a long lunch with family, and an egg hunt with the kids. But we will also be remembering why we celebrate Easter. We celebrate that, through Jesus dying on the cross, we are free from the consequences of our sin, and that we will be with God for ever.

16 April 2014

Prize Winning Scones

At the local show last month, our friends'  12 year old daughter took out champion cake in show, beating all the CWA (Country Women's Association) ladies, and veteran cookers. Best of all she took it out with lemonade scones. She was most happy about beating her older brother, who had made scones in the traditional way.

From that moment, my friend (who is an awesome country cook) decreed that she will never make scones any other way again. She was telling us about this, when Country Boy asked how she made lemonade scones.

Upon hearing how easy they were supposed to be, Country Boy bought up big on the lemonade and cream, and we have been enjoying them as a super easy a filling snack. (I keeps long life cream on the shelf, which is perfect for this kind of thing!).

1 cup cream
1 cup lemonade
3 cups SR Flour

1. Preheat oven to 220*c

2. If you're really serious, sift your flour (several times if you are going in the show) or else just whack the flour in a large bowl.

3. Pour in the lemonade and cream. Mix till it forms a soft, slightly sticky dough. If it is too sticky you can add a little more flower

4. Gently knead to make the dough into a 3cm high rectangle (sort of) shape

5. Use a scone cutter to cut out the scones. Place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper. If your cutter sticks to the dough, dip it in a little flour first.

6. Repeat until all the dough is used.

7. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until golden on top.

8. Serve with Jam and cream, or hot, dripping with butter and honey.

Now I'm the first to admit that these don't look like prize winning scones. I got distracted with kids, and left them too long in the oven, BUT, they tasted so good, and and the kids hoovered them up. Best of all they are super fast and easy to make. Total winner in my book!

Have you made lemonade scones before? Got any hot tips??

15 April 2014

Weekend Things

It had been almost three months since I last spent time in the mountains. I guess it is a reflection of how busy life is down here, and how, as we get more settled into local life, a weekend away is that much harder to fit in.

So Friday afternoon saw me pack up the car and kids for the drive the mountains. Country Boy had fire brigade training, so I was parenting solo for the weekend.

Saturday morning saw Mum, the kids and I hit up some garage sales. Hannah got super excited when we found the whole set of Deltora Quest, which we snapped up for $5 - bargain. I also snapped up a big box of lego for $25, some kids DVDs for a $1 a piece, and some textile paints  - just what I needed for work! Love a good garage sale morning!

The rest of the afternoon sailed by as the kids played with their cousins (I hardly saw them), and I caught up with a friend who I hadn't seen for years. I also spent a few hours setting up a blog for my sister (more on that later!)

Whenever I go to the mountains, I always end up going shopping with a huge list. The convenience of not having to drive for an hour and a half is too alluring. So on Sunday we popped down to the local shopping centre with a long list, for a speed shop. Two hours, and I got most of the kids clothing that they needed, new doona covers for the girls, a loom band set (hmmmm), and the girls spent their pocket money on lego.

My mother had picked up a toy saw in a Two dollar shop, so Toby spent the rest of the day 'sawing' everything in sight.

The rest of the weekend was full of fun and family.  The only hiccup was a flat battery when I stopped for petrol in the Southern Highlands on the way home. Fortunately the NRMA came quickly, and although the trip was longer than planned, we arrived back last night ready to relax into the holidays!

Love a weekend in the mountains!

9 April 2014

Plans And Projects

Holidays are almost upon us. It has been a great term, but we are ready for a break. The holidays are already filling up with things I want to get done.

Straight after school on Friday, I'm jumping in the car and driving up to the mountains for the weekend. I haven't been up since January so I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family. I'm taking the kids with me, while Country Boy stays home to do a fire brigade training course. He did one when he was a teenager, but thought it might be a good idea to do a refresher. I'm packing some audio books for the drive. I think we are going to need some new ones by the end of the holidays.

I love a holiday sorting project. The summer holidays saw me clear and sort out the spare room. These holidays it's all about the laundry. Quite frankly the laundry is a disgrace. We have too much jammed in there, including lots of bits and pieces we probably don't even use any more. I haven't sorted it properly since we moved here over two years ago. I'm carpe-ing the diem and getting it into order.

We will probably hit the big town for a day of shopping over the holidays. The girls have been studying up toy catalogues, and their pocket money and show winnings are burning a hole in their pocket. We might take the nut wizards over and collect a few bags of acorns at the same time! Possibly even catch a movie if we are super lucky!

My sister and her family come down every Easter for the long weekend. Looking forward to taking the camera out, having cousins to play with, and some Easter treats. Country Boy and my brother in law plan to build a new chook shed and finish pulling down the old one so that we can start to extend the back yard.

Of course, in between all this, I'm hoping to have some time to read, go for a wander around the paddocks with the camera, and have a bit of down time. If that is actually possible.

Are you on holidays? What are you planning to do?



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